Turning Into Hercules: How The Rock Did It


The portrayal for the son of Zeus has been done many times over but it is not until the release of the movie Hercules this year that people have managed to take a lot of notice to the actor playing the role, after all it was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson facing the troublesome “12 Labors” and indeed many have taken his massive physique seriously. Of course the road leading to his portrayal came with a lot of determination, patience and a lot of discipline, some of the things that he is quite used to especially since he had been an athlete long before he became an actor.

The thing about having to change his physique from one role to another is a task that Dwayne Johnson knows best as he is no stranger to training and the gym, but specially for becoming Hercules, he had to take a special kind of motivation to turn into the son of Zeus. He and his team had to really bring up their game and take a lot of effort to increase not just his workout routine but also the quality of food that he would take so that he would not only look strong but also appear huge just like Hercules.

A Hefty Diet Plan

It had to take a 7 meal plan everyday for 22 weeks to be able to turn The Rock into Hercules and the diet plan was done in such a strategy that they had to precisely weigh the food that he ate for every meal each day. Not as if Dwayne would go hungry or starve, but they wanted to concentrate on giving him the quality of food that would provide him not only the extra bulk that he wanted but also give him enough strength and energy every time that he worked out.

A quick peek at some of the food that he had to regularly take were a lot of proteins like fillet mignon, chicken, fish and egg whites, he also was able to eat oatmeal, potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, and even cream of rice. For ordinary people it would seem a bit way off the border but for someone who is willing to really transform and own the role, Dwayne Johnson really had it going even just through eating right.

The High Intensity and Volume Workout Plan

No stranger to the gym and all the conditioning machines and exercises, even The Rock had to bear with some of the most grueling exercise combinations on a daily basis to be able to achieve the body that he aspired to reach. Unlike his usual roles that required him to be muscular, for Hercules he had to endure a program that took his physique into a better and more extreme look.

His workout plan took every day of the week and split each day into different muscles groups: Mondays for chest, Tuesdays and Saturdays for legs, Wednesdays for arms and abdominal, Thursdays for back, Fridays for shoulders and Sundays for total rest. This Hercules program made it excruciatingly awesome because he had to put everything up a notch with increase number of exercises per day and more repetitions and sets for each exercise, truly a workout plan fit for a demigod.

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